The words "how much do you charge?" fill many writers with confusion and anxiety. It's time to learn how to price your writing products and services professionally.

"Did You Know That Charging Too Little Can Cripple or KILL Your Writing Career?

Double And Triple Your Rates, And Get Paid What You're Worth!"

Writers' rates are all over the map. It's a rare writer who knows exactly how much to charge.

Other writers can't help you to price your services

Are you new to writing for money? If so, you soon realize that other writers can't help you with pricing; they're clueless too. (The majority believe that they need to accept buyers' offers, instead of understanding that the first offer is just that. It's not the final offer.)

You won't get any help to price your services on the outsourcing sites either. On these sites, suicidal writers outdo themselves to see how little they can charge. Most of these writers don't survive. Those who do, think writing is hard, and that writers who make a great income are "lucky".

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Here's why. Even if you're an established writer, you've almost certainly never learned how to price your services effectively at every stage of your career; nor have you learned how to negotiate.

Buyers want to pay as little as possible, and rightly so; they're in business too

Buyers believe that writers provide a commodity, and as with all commodities, price rules. Their aim is to pay as little as they can. After all, the less they pay their suppliers, the better their profit. This is just good business.

The explosive growth of the web has made the situation worse for writers who don't know how to price their services. New buyers have no idea of how to assess the value of writing services. They believe that the less the pay, the better.

Although pricing is your responsibility, it's not your fault you've made a mess of it. Both offline and online, much of the information for writers is aimed at the hobbyist writer, not at the professional.

Want to be a professional writer, providing professional services, and charging professional rates? You can be.

Pay attention now.

Charging professional rates starts with your rates sheet.

You must develop a realistic rates sheet -- failure to do so will cripple your career, and may even kill it

Here's a tip: experienced buyers know how much you should be charging. When you charge less, they won't hire you. Buyers always want the best writer they can afford, and when you price yourself too low, you lose credibility.

Pricing yourself too low means that you attract sub-par clients.

Writers' sad little secret: few writers know what works when it comes to pricing their services

The average writer is shy and deferential. Writers don't negotiate (few even realize that negotiation is essential.)

To make matters worse, there are no "standard rates" -- even though publishers and other buyers of writing claim that there are. Few writers know that editors and other buyers of writing always have discretion on how much they pay.

Let's face facts: it's to buyers' advantage to keep writers in the dark.

Of course writers have opinions on how much you should charge for your various services, and they're happy to advise you -- but they rarely tell you exactly how much they're charging.

Professional writers who charge professional rates have no interest in discussing what they charge. When they do, they're often not believed.

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Would you like an easy method of pricing your writing services?

Imagine if you could set up a rates sheet for your writing services within the next hour, knowing that the rates you set are right for you, and that you'll attract the best clients for you.

You may find that you'll be paid three times -- even ten times what you're charging now, and that clients will be easier to get.

You'll have complete confidence in the rates you charge, and work with buyers with whom you want to work.

Double and triple your current rates TODAY with my new writing guide: "Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID"

I developed the guide because teaching my students how to charge for their services is one of the first steps when I coach writers.

If you have any doubts at all about your rates, you need this guide.
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Here's just some of what you'll discover in Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID:

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ONE simple pricing method. Never be confused again. Whether you're a new writer, or a pro, you'll learn the only method you'll ever need so you know exactly how much to charge;
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Why you should become very alert (and exactly what you should do) when you hear any buyer talking about his "standard rate";
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Which areas of writing pay the best rates;
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How to decide how much you want to be paid for a project -- and get it;
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How to turn your buyers into fans so that they become your own personal cash machine;
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How to negotiate with confidence;
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How to set financial goals for your writing career.

What other writers have said about Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID

"Thanks for asking me to check out Devilish Writer Angela. I put your methods to work the very next day. Instead of charging $590 for a project, I charged my client $1580; which is around two and a half times my initial estimate. Within ten minutes of sending the email message with attached quote, I had $800 in my PayPal account. I feel dizzy..." Phil W. USA
"Another winner, Angela. We discussed your project-pricing formula during our initial coaching session... Your Devilish Writer guide explains it perfectly. I've been writing for nine years, and I know I've lost many thousands of dollars because I priced myself low." Eesha, London.
"You laughed when I told you what [Big Publishing Conglomerate] offered for the advance for my novel. You were right. The agent you recommended is holding an auction... The floor price is four times the initial offer..." Nico B. New Zealand

Are you ready to start charging the rates you deserve? You can set your writing career on a professional footing within hours (and you can stop bleeding money, too)

"Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID" is a complete pricing package for your writing services, with bonuses

Knowing exactly how to charge for what you do will change your life. Devilish Writer's 50+ information-packed pages cover everything you need to know about pricing your services.

In addition, you receive the following bonuses.
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Your Charging Checklist. Everything you need to charge professionally. Tick off the items on the list, and you're done. In addition, you receive a Collections Checklist. Occasionally, a client will slow-pay you. This checklist shows you exactly what to do, so you're paid promptly;
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Two templates: an invoicing template, and your Terms of Service template. If you don't have a website, I've also included a guide to show you how to set up a site within an hour -- for free;
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The Action Guide to Successful Goal Achievement -- 24 pages to help you to set goals and achieve them;
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As always, half an hour of COACHING -- a $150 value. Get your questions answered.

Buy now... you can make more income for all your writing: the income you SHOULD be making.


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