The words "how much do you charge?" fill many writers with confusion and anxiety. It's time to learn how to price your writing products and services professionally.
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"Did You Know That Charging Too Little Can Cripple or KILL Your Writing Career?

Double And Triple Your Rates, And Get Paid What You're Worth!"

Writers' rates are all over the map. It's a rare writer who knows exactly how much to charge.

Other writers can't help you to price your services

Are you new to writing for money? If so, you soon realize that other writers can't help you with pricing; they're clueless too. (The majority believe that they need to accept buyers' offers, instead of understanding that the first offer is just that. It's not the final offer.)

You won't get any help to price your services on the outsourcing sites either. On these sites, suicidal writers outdo themselves to see how little they can charge. Most of these writers don't survive. Those who do, think writing is hard, and that writers who make a great income are "lucky".

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Here's why. Even if you're an established writer, you've almost certainly never learned how to price your services effectively at every stage of your career; nor have you learned how to negotiate.

Buyers want to pay as little as possible, and rightly so; they're in business too

Buyers believe that writers provide a commodity, and as with all commodities, price rules. Their aim is to pay as little as they can. After all, the less they pay their suppliers, the better their profit. This is just good business.

The explosive growth of the web has made the situation worse for writers who don't know how to price their services. New buyers have no idea of how to assess the value of writing services. They believe that the less the pay, the better.

Although pricing is your responsibility, it's not your fault you've made a mess of it. Both offline and online, much of the information for writers is aimed at the hobbyist writer, not at the professional.

Want to be a professional writer, providing professional services, and charging professional rates? You can be.

Pay attention now.

Charging professional rates starts with your rates sheet.