Want to create a professional writing career? As a writer, you’re in business, so you need to know how much to charge for your writing services. Discover how to charge appropriate fees, and how to get paid.

Devilish Writer: Write For Money and Get Paid

There are three kinds of writers. Two groups are angelic writers. The third, a tiny group, are devilish writers. Which are you?
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Two groups of angelic writers:

* Group 1: Take whatever payment is offered for their services, or...

* Group 2: Set their rates, but rarely get them.

Sadly, most writers are angelic. This is great for buyers of writing, but the angelic writers aren't happy souls.
The tiny group of devilish writers:

Know that "It's my time, energy and skills, and I decide how much I'll charge".

Devilish writers set a value on their time, energy and skill set. They've learned that there are many different kinds of buyers, and they target those who can afford to pay their rates.
Discover what kind of writer you are.
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Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID

You can build a professional writing career, once you know how to charge appropriately for your writing services.

My new package, "Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID" gives you all the information and templates you need... and it includes coaching.

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Angela Booth wrote "Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID" for you

Few writers know how to charge for their words.

Top copywriter, author and writing teacher Angela Booth has been writing for 30 years.

Angela can take you from a novice writer to an experienced pro. It all starts with knowing how to charge for your writing services.

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